JALDA's Interview with Professor Luise von Flotow

Document Type: Interview


1 School of Translation and Interpretation, University of Ottawa, Canada

2 English Department, Faculty of Humanities, Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University.



Luise von Flotow is a Professor of Translation Studies at the School of Translation and Interpretation, University of Ottawa, Canada. She got her BA in German and French from the University of London (1974) and her MA in French from the University of Windsor (1985) and her Ph.D. in French from the University of Michigan (1991). Professor von Flotow was the director of the School of Translation and Interpretation at the University of Ottawa in 2006-2016. Her areas of academic interest include political and ideological influences on translation, specifically translation and gender; audiovisual translation, dubbing and subtitling, and literary translation as public diplomacy. Besides numerous journal articles, professor von Flotow has published the following books: Translation and Gender: Translation in the Era of Feminism (1997), The Politics of Translation in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (2001), Translating Women (2011). She has also co-edited with professor Farzaneh Farahzad Translating Women: Different Voices and New Horizons. Dr. Reza Yalsharzeh, assistant professor of Translation Studies at Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University and a former student of professor von Flotow has arranged this interview with her.


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مصاحبه با پروفسور لوییز ون فلوتو

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  • پروفسور لوییز ون فلوتو 1
  • رضا یل شرزه 2
1 دانشگاه اوتاوا
2 دانشگاه شهید مدنی آذربایجان- گروه زبان و ادبیات انگلیسی

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  • مصاحبه
  • مجله جلدا
  • لوییز ون فلوتو
  • رضا یل شرزه
  • آموزش ترجمه