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Varieties of Qualitative Research Methods Selected Contextual Perspectives is a book that compiles various concepts related to qualitative research. The book has 75 chapters written by 53 authors from different parts of the world, and it is edited by three Canadian editors: Janet Mola Okoko, Scott Tunison, and Keith D. Walker, who are all associated with the College of Education at the University of Saskatchewan. The editors noted that as the world becomes more interconnected, there is a need for qualitative research to become more diverse and inclusive of different ways of knowing and inquiry. The field of qualitative research has become much larger, with many nuances, varieties, complementary ways of knowing, and new methods to explore. To cover such a wide range of topics, the editors have identified the best authors who can provide reputable practice and scholarly experience on each concept or method which have been discussed in the book.


Article Title [Persian]

معرفی کتاب: روشهای متنوع انجام تحقیقات کیفی

Keywords [Persian]

  • روش تحقیق
  • تحقیق کیفی
  • فراگیری زبان دوم

Dahal, N. (2023). Is doing research for people or on people? A book review of Emancipatory and Participatory Research for Emerging Educational Researchers: Theory and Case Studies of Research in Disabled Communities. The Qualitative Report, 28(1), 69-74.