Become a Reviewer

The Board of Directors of JALDA eagerly invites international scholars and experts within JALDA's scope to join the scholarly team of the Reviewer of Journal of Applied Linguistics and Applied Literature: Dynamics and Advances.

Your name will appear on this page in the list of Reviewers subject to the acceptance of your application. Your appointment will come into force from the date of your acceptance and will continue initially for a period of Two Years. The tenure will be extended for Further Years in case your services are found satisfactorily acceptable to the members of the Governing Body.


As the Reviewer, you will be required to

  • maintain highest standards of ethics and competence
  • recommend papers of Originality, Quality with highest standards
  • ensure to completeness and accuracy of the research presented
  • apply fairness in judgment and expertise in the field
  • treat the author and the manuscript with respect

Your services may be terminated at any time without issuing any prior notice and without assigning any reasons in case of violation of the rules and regulations in force as stipulated by JALDA.

We are keenly looking forward to receiving your applications.


How to be a Reviewer with JALDA?

It is very simple to be a reviewer with JALDA. Download the Application Form for JALDA Reviewers. Fill the form out and send it along with an up-to-date CV and recent Photo of yours to the Managing Editor of the journal at The eligible applicants will become JALDA reviewers.


Below you can find a full list of the respected reviewers of JALDA:

                                         JALDA’s Updated List  of Reviewers





Updated by Dr. Davoud Amini on Monday, April 9, 2024