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Sociocultural Theory and Second Language Studies:

Intertheory Dialogues and (In-)commensurabilities

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Rémi Adam van Compernolle, Associate Professor of Second Language Acquisition and French and Francophone Studies, Department of Modern Languages, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

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Editorial, Volume 11, Issue 1

Bahram Behin

Volume 11, Issue 1 , June 2023, Pages 1-4

  I came across this hypothetical exchange on the Net the other day: “Q: Why is linguistics important? / A: Linguistics helps us understand our world.” With my personal interest in the significance of everyday life and the real world in our education, as a response to the exchange, I immediately ...  Read More

JALDA's Interview with Professor Behrooz Azabdaftari

behrooz azabdaftari; Davoud Amini

Volume 11, Issue 1 , June 2023, Pages 5-7


  Behrooz Azabdaftari is Professor Emeritus of Applied Linguistics at University of Tabriz. Born in 1938 in Tabriz, Iran, he received his BA in Language Education from Tehran Higher Education Institute in 1963 and his MA in English from University of Beirut in 1970. He was granted a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics ...  Read More

Research Article 1. Applied Linguistics (Language Teaching and Learning)
Investigating the Role of Iranian EFL Learners’ L2 Proficiency in Their Attitudes Toward the Use of L1 in Institutional Contexts: A Mixed Methods Study

Sasan Baleghizadeh; Hamidreza Zakervafaei

Volume 11, Issue 1 , June 2023, Pages 9-31


  Given the long-lasting debates over L1 use in language teaching and learning, this study adopted a mixed methods design to investigate the role of Iranian EFL learners’ L2 proficiency in their attitudes toward using L1. A questionnaire originally developed by Scheffler et al. (2017) was modified ...  Read More

Research Article 1. Applied Linguistics (Language Teaching and Learning)
High and Low Achieving Online Graduate Students’ Learning Styles and Strategies

Moloud Kashiri; Mahboubeh Taghizadeh

Volume 11, Issue 1 , June 2023, Pages 33-54


  This study explored the styles and strategies used by online MA students of TEFL and investigated the relationship among their learning styles, learning strategies, and learning achievement. The participants were 87 online graduate students of TEFL at Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST). ...  Read More

Research Article 1. Applied Linguistics (Language Teaching and Learning)
A Study of Modifications in Teachers’ Pedagogical Beliefs: Pre-Service Versus Novice Teachers

Parisa Etela; Hossein Saadabadi Motlaq; Saaid Yazdani

Volume 11, Issue 1 , June 2023, Pages 55-75


  Pedagogical beliefs as an important concept in psychology are one of the most influential and decisive factors in learners’ success. Recently, teacher beliefs have attracted the attention of many researchers in English language teaching contexts; therefore, the current study investigated non-native ...  Read More

Research Article 1. Applied Linguistics (Language Teaching and Learning)
English Didactics in Norway: A Propaedeutic or Parasitic Discipline?

Saeed Karimi-Aghdam; Phalangchok Wanphet

Volume 11, Issue 1 , June 2023, Pages 77-102


  Since English didactics has a relatively short history in Norway, exploring its nature, scope, academic identity, definition, status, and raison d'être is an ineluctable necessity. This article sets out to answer a simple yet fundamental question about English didactics: Is English didactics a ...  Read More

Research Article 1. Applied Linguistics (Language Teaching and Learning)
Iranian EFL Instructors’ Practical Adherence to Postmethod and Critical Pedagogy

Farahman Farrokhi; Leila Mohammadbagheri-Parvin

Volume 11, Issue 1 , June 2023, Pages 103-120


  Fundamental changes and novel ideas have been brought into the field of English Language Teaching through introduction of postmethod and critical pedagogy. Postmethod as an alternative to methods aimed at fulfilling its triple principles of particularity, practicality, and possibility. The well-known ...  Read More

Research Article 1. Applied Linguistics (Language Teaching and Learning)
The Interplay of Gender, L2 Grit and Academic Buoyancy Among Iranian Junior High School Students: A Positive Psychology and Control Value Theory Perspective

Mohammad Ghafouri; Abdorreza Tahriri

Volume 11, Issue 1 , June 2023, Pages 121-139


  Understanding the role of positive emotions and their contributions to the learners’ overall academic success and well-being is of utmost importance. To this end, by following positive psychology and control-value theory, the researchers explored the relationship between two under-researched factors ...  Read More

Research Article 1. Applied Linguistics (Language Teaching and Learning)
EFL Writing Skill Instruction in the Light of TBLT-Synthesized Collaborative Dialogue: Spotting Learners’ Achievements and Teachers’ Perceptions

Haniyeh Shirazifard; Gholam-Reza Abbasian; Ahmad Mohseni

Volume 11, Issue 1 , June 2023, Pages 141-160


  The present study aimed to investigate the effects of TBLT-synthesized collaborative dialogue in teaching writing skills to Iranian EFL learners and also to explore their teachers’ attitudes towards such an approach. Regarding the essence of the questions of the study, an explanatory sequential ...  Read More

Research Article 1. Applied Linguistics (Language Teaching and Learning)
Validation of an Ecological Model of Teacher Agency for Iranian EFL Student Teachers

Saemeh Arabahmadi; Omid Mazandarani; Seyyed Hassan Seyyedrezaei; Zari Sadat Seyyedrezaie

Volume 11, Issue 1 , June 2023, Pages 161-184


  Despite the abundance of research on language teacher education, there is a dearth of ecologically informed instruments for measuring teacher agency. To this end, this study aims to fill this gap by designing and validating a questionnaire for assessing the agency of student teachers. Thirteen facets ...  Read More

Research Article 2. Applied Linguistics (Inspirations from neighbor disciplines)
Interpersonal Skills in the Development of Translation Competence: A Model

Vladimír Biloveský

Volume 11, Issue 1 , June 2023, Pages 185-198


  The current dynamic, rapidly changing labour market is influenced by the constant development of new technologies, globalisation, the changing nature of the economy, and changed demands on employees. In this context, university graduates are expected to be flexible, dynamic, and able to adapt effectively ...  Read More

Research Article 3. Applied Literature
The Encounter with the Cybersemiotic Real in Alice Books

Sanam Shahedali; Lale Massiha

Volume 11, Issue 1 , June 2023, Pages 199-215


  The main objective of this paper is to incorporate the three Lacanian orders in Søren Brier’s cybersemiotic theory in the context Lewis Carroll’s Alice texts. As an interdisciplinary framework that emphasizes the role of the observer and its symbolically-generated hieroglyph-like universe ...  Read More

Research Article 3. Applied Literature
The Novel of Collective Decay: Prefabricated Identities, Spiritual Void and Agambenian Excluded Existence in Margaret Drabble’s The Ice Age

Nazila Herischian; Seyed Majid Alavi Shooshtari; Naser Motallebzadeh

Volume 11, Issue 1 , June 2023, Pages 217-233


  The transitional period of the 1970s Britain being fictionalized in Margaret Drabble’s novel, The Ice Age (1977), provides the ground for theoretical discussion of the present paper that is based on the insights of Giorgio Agamben. It will inspect the way Drabble interprets socio-political issues ...  Read More

Research Article 3. Applied Literature
A Study of the Art of Seduction in Richard III: A Baudrillardian Analysis of Shakespeare’s Master Simulator

Leila Hajjari; Ali Taghizadeh

Volume 11, Issue 1 , June 2023, Pages 235-249


  Shakespeare’s eponymous character’s movement in Richard III towards the peak of power passes through his art of simulation which is induced by seduction and annihilation. Richard’s playacting skills in feigning innocence and brotherhood while hiding villainy along with his persuasive ...  Read More

Review Article 1. Applied Linguistics (Language Teaching and Learning)
We Do Need to Develop the Perspectives: In Pursuit of Options for Triangulating Academic Discourse Studies

Davud Kuhi

Volume 11, Issue 1 , June 2023, Pages 251-268


  This paper assumes that developing strong models of academic discourse analysis would not by itself guarantee researchers’ access to the realities of academic communication and that any development in the theory of academic discourse analysis should also be informed and equipped with developments ...  Read More

Book Review
Book Review: "Varieties of Qualitative Research Methods Selected Contextual Perspectives"
Volume 11, Issue 1 , June 2023, Pages 269-272


  Varieties of Qualitative Research Methods Selected Contextual Perspectives is a book that compiles various concepts related to qualitative research. The book has 75 chapters written by 53 authors from different parts of the world, and it is edited by three Canadian editors: Janet Mola Okoko, Scott Tunison, ...  Read More

4. Dynamics between Applied Studies on Language and Literature
Procrastination in Language Learning Process: A Constructive Strategy or Merely a Destructive Time Loss?

Saber Khooei-Oskooei; Saeideh Ahangari; Zohreh Seifoori

Volume 9, Issue 1 , April 2021, , Pages 243-259


  Many individuals fail to perform the responsibilities devolved to them within the expected time or at least do them near the deadline. The so-called procrastination in accomplishment of academic tasks has often been considered a frustrating phenomenon which commonly results in undesirable outcomes. However, ...  Read More

3. Applied Literature
A Research on Language and Gender in Shabhaye Tehran (Nights of Tehran) and Azadarane Bayal (Mourners of Bayal) Novels Based on Lakoff's Theory

Shirzad Tayefi

Volume 9, Issue 1 , April 2021, , Pages 227-241


  Many experts believe that there are differences between female and male language (speech) and writing. In this article female and male language (speech) in novels, Shabhaye Tehran (Nights of Tehran) written by GhazalehAlizadeh and AzadaraneBayal (Mourners of Bayal) written by Gholam Hossein Saedi, have ...  Read More

1. Applied Linguistics (Language Teaching and Learning)
Introvert and Extrovert EFL Learners’ Willingness to Communicate and Ambiguity Tolerance

Mohammad Ahmadi Safa; Roya Zamani Jamshidi

Volume 5, Issue 1 , March 2017, , Pages 27-41


  Abstract The researchers have been interested to explore the impact of personality traits on second or foreign language learning. The current study is an attempt to investigate whether there exists a statistically significant relationship between introvert and extrovert EFL learners’ willingness ...  Read More

3. Applied Literature
Kitchen Sink Drama and Naturalism: Trends of Post-War English Theatre

Nazila Heidarzadegan; Zeynep Kurt Yildiz

Volume 8, Issue 1 , April 2020, , Pages 139-149


  The present paper studies Kitchen Sink Drama and Naturalism to investigate how a cultural movement through which artists like Arnold Wesker, John Osborne, and Shelagh Delaney express their disillusionment during the post-war period representing the reality of their lives via theatre. The period of 1956–1965 ...  Read More

1. Applied Linguistics (Language Teaching and Learning)
A Study of the Effect of Extensive and Intensive Listening on the Tense Use among EFL Learners in Iran

Sahar Ahmadpour; Hassan Asadollahfam

Volume 6, Issue 2 , September 2018, , Pages 141-161


  The present study investigated the effect of extensive and intensive listening on the accuracy of tense use among EFL learners in Iran. It was based on pre-test post-test with intact classes. According to the purpose of the study, a sample (n = 60) of homogeneous participants were selected. From among ...  Read More

Research Article 1. Applied Linguistics (Language Teaching and Learning)
Structural and Functional Characterization of Citation Practices in Academic Research Writing: A Concordance-Informed Analysis

Rajab Esfandiari; Sahar Saleh

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 15 September 2023


  In the last two decades, citation behaviour in academic research writing has been highlighted in English for academic purposes. This concordance-informed, corpus-based study has focused on cross-disciplinary analysis of citations by English and Iranian academic writers in English Economics and Industrial ...  Read More

Research Article 1. Applied Linguistics (Language Teaching and Learning)
Can Concept-Based Language Instruction Change Beginning Learners’ Aspectual Development?: Preliminary Experimental Evidence that Novice Learners Taught Boundedness Are Less Influenced by Lexical Aspect

Elizabeth Maria Kissling

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 23 November 2023


  Concept-Based Language Instruction (C-BLI) is rooted in Vygotskian sociocultural theories (SCT) of learning and modeled after Systemic Theoretical Instruction. Investigations of C-BLI have reported positive instructional outcomes such as increased conceptual awareness and control for a variety of targeted ...  Read More

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