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                       Call for Papers for JALDA (Journal of Applied Linguistics and  Applied Literature: Dynamics and Advances)


Thursday, July  18, 2019

Dear Authors/Researchers

The Journal of Applied Linguistics and Applied Literature: Dynamics and Advances (JALDA) is an open access, academic, scholarly, and peer-reviewed journal that follows a double-blind policy. JALDA is published both electronically and in print by the Department of English Language and Literature, the Faculty of Literature and Humanities of Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University, Tabriz, Iran.

JALDA is a refereed journal of national and international scope devoted to scientific discussion of issues in applied language studies. The journal is dedicated to promoting scholarly exchange among researchers and educators of English language by nurturing a unique approach to the study of English language and its learning and teaching as a foreign or second language.

 Applied linguistics treats language as a system of communication and a form of social action including such areas of investigation as Teaching English as a Second or Foreign language (EFL/ESL), EFL/ESL Curriculum/ Syllabus/ Methodology/ Assessment, Discourse and Genre Analysis, Applied Literary Studies, English for Specific/Academic Purposes, Second Language Skills, English Language Teacher Education, Classroom-Centered Research, Bilingualism, and Technology in English language Learning and Teaching.

Applied Literature is defined here as any systematic research where literature can solve or ameliorate a real-world problem. In this sense, literature acts as a stimulus to reform. Applied Literature examines the effect of literature on human beings whereby the literary text is in service of dealing with real-life problems. To be able to account for the various aspects of human life in all its contexts, Applied Literature must be interdisciplinary in its nature. Furthermore, to meet the essential requirements of a scientific research, it has to give allegiance to a satisfactory level of methodological rigor.

As an ambitious effort to bring together different perspectives on language, society and educational context, JALDA publishes original papers in problem-oriented applied studies where language and literature is at the center, with the hope for innovative breakthroughs to emerge from this interdisciplinary approach to the dynamics and advances within the neighboring applied language studies.

All submissions are reviewed by our editorial staff before they are published on the website. It will generally take approximately two months for the editor to make a decision on a submission, although it can take longer on the weekends or near holidays.  We appreciate your patience for any probable delays.

To see our double-blind reviewing policy, click here on JALDA's Reviewing Policy in the PEER REVIEW PROCESS under Journal Info section ( Authors are suggested to include at least one citation from the previous publications in JALDA. The originality of manuscripts as indicated by our similarity detection software will be a basic criterion for acceptance.

For submission instructions and guidelines about how to prepare articles for this journal, authors are cordially asked to click here on Paper Submission Template to JALDA  under GUIDES FOR AUTHORS  ( ).

NEW: Upon submission of the manuscript to JALDA, all  authors will be asked to submit their authors biography and Persian abstract with the article in order to quicken the process of publishing articles with JALDA. The authors are also required to provide us with the jpg file of their passport photos that will be put beside the authors biography. Thus submit your English article, its Persian abstract and the authors affiliations, the authors biography and a jpg file of the photo of the authors through the submission site.

Please submit your article via Submit Manuscript ( after registering and logging into it. Remember to direct all further inquiries and related correspondence to in case you experience any problems in the submission.

 Please submit your article along with the requested files via Submit Manuscript. Remember to direct all further inquiries and related correspondence to in case you experience any problems in the submission.

We wish you all the best and hope a successful manuscript submission to JALDA.


Director – in-Charge

Dr. Ahad Mehrvand


The Call for Papers was prepared by Dr Davoud Amini and updated by Dr. Ahad Mehrvand  on Thursday, July 18, 2019.