1. Applied Linguistics (Language Teaching and Learning)
1. Comparative Effects of Teacher-Directed and Collaborative Reading on EFL Learners’ Receptive Skills

Ensiye Niknahad; Zohre Mohamadi

Volume 9, Issue 1 , Winter and Spring 2021, , Pages 11-32


  This study used a pretest-posttest quasi-experimental designto find out the effect of teacher-directed and collaborative reading on Iranian EFL learners' receptive skills.To start, 40 EFL intermediate female students within the age range of 15-17 were selected out of an initial 53 students, based on ...  Read More

1. Applied Linguistics (Language Teaching and Learning)
2. The Effect of Mobile-Assisted Teaching of Collocations on Reading Ability of Iranian EFL Learners

Mehrnaz Jamshidi; Zohreh Mohamadi Zenouzagh

Volume 8, Issue 1 , Winter and Spring 2020, , Pages 111-138


  This study aimed to discover the effect of mobile-assisted teaching of collocations on Iranian EFL learners’ reading achievement. For this purpose, a PET test was given to 85 intermediate EFL learners as the proficiency test. After homogenization, 30 female and male students within the age range ...  Read More

3. Mediating Role of Identity Styles and Learner Autonomy in Writing Ability

Aisan Norozi; zohre Mohamadi

Volume 3, Issue 1 , Winter and Spring 2015, , Pages 97-115


  This study investigates the relation between EFL (English as a foreign language) learners’ autonomy, their identity styles, and their writing ability and it aims to show which independent variables have higher predicting power on variances in writing. To this end, 60 Iranian university EFL students ...  Read More